What to Do to Make Your Corporate Website Stand Out?

You own a business or are a designer who wants to know what elements to care of while designing a corporate site. Well there are many. But let’s keep it precise in order to convey the message:

1. Graphics:
First and foremost what matters in a corporate site is colors and use of graphics. One can’t use funky styles and graphics in order to look site over attractive. The color usage has to be subtle and smart. As well as try to have a theme for your site and not divert it in any case on all pages. All pages should use the same theme with the home page showcasing various elements of the site. But the color and the graphics use has to be consistent for the whole site.

2. Information:
A corporate site is always informative and speaks about itself, the brand, the team, capabilities of the team, products and or services.So in order to have these one needs to properly set the content in a corporate site so that users don’t confuse themselves. Setting can be done properly with use of boxes and blocks which have Corporate Site Cleans different purpose and showcase different areas of the site. Like news block, press releases block and so on.

3. Tabs:
Proper navigation and tabs is an essential criteria for a corporate website. One needs to have 2-3 sub levels for the tabs in order to guide a user or a visitor to proper web pages.

4. Visitor experience:
Know what your visitors are looking for in your corporate website. The right side is more prone and the top more visible to a user hence keep these areas for the most important piece of info. Like call us or sign in or contact us tabs can be kept at the top. The right side can have important info like pages nav, news boxes, or useful links to different parts of the site.

5. SEO friendly:
Of course a site has to be SEO friendly. Hence proper silos structure should be maintained, h1, h2 tags should be proper on each page, use of meta tags, and images name i.e. alt tags needs to be placed so that search engines crawl the site efficiently. Plus the urls need to be named diligently and try to avoid long urls.

6. Clear message:
A corporate site should always have dedicated pages to say or convey only that piece of info that should be on that page. Like if it’s a press release section don’t have testimonials as well displayed. Just have the press releases shown on that page. If you have more stuff on a single page visitor or user doesn’t know which one to click and then they keep on clicking on other pages and then get lost somewhere and finally leave your site. Be clear and precise on each page.In summary corporate sites should consider all of the above points in order to have clean and clear website which defines user experience and also server the purpose.

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