Managing your finances when playing online poker

We all play poker to have fun and fund. If any of the goals are missed, we feel stressed, which in turn impacts the game playing skills. When it comes to online poker, all serious players know how valuable it is to have efficient bankroll management in place. Sound simple, but it is hardest part even for the best of the best poker players to handle.

You have to be smart in handling fund to have maximum fun. This helps you to be active on the poker table and play high stake games. This ensures that you get all your poker earnings at the right place in time. An unfortunate reality of the poker world is that finest of players earning millions struggle to manage funds. Here are some of the strategies that will be of great help in managing finance and make you a great poker player:

  • Keep Poker and Personal Finance Separate

You invest your time and skill to earn money in poker, so it is a kind of investment portfolio for you. The treat is like that only to get maximum possible profits. Apply the cash management principle of business in your poker money management. Treat it like “company money” requiring reporting, auditing, and regulatory controls. You simply cannot use your poker money in bankroll for any other purpose before the scheduled time. Avoid mixing your personal finance need with poker earnings. Allocate funds to poker accordingly and wait till the time matures.

  • Stick to Bankroll Limits

Control is the key when it comes to poker bottom-line. It is very natural to get tempted by the lure to earn big in soft-cash games. You simply discount the risk involved and you play beyond the limit bankroll. If that is not enough to make you bankrupt, you try to buy-in big tournament entry with a hope of winning big in one shot. You simply cannot take that level of risk with your money. The best strategy is to stick to your normal stakes. It is good to play small and earn than not play at all.

  • No Room for Desperation

You simply cannot play the game of average in online poker. Every game is unique and you have to play fresh to earn fresh. When you are facing headwinds of variance, hold on and play your natural game. Most of that time people play very bad the in panic of money pressure. Your previous loss has no bearing on your current game, so play smart.

  • Not Your Day, Lower Stakes

Poker with high ego is a definite path towards bankruptcy. Use your intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence in moving down your limits. If a series of loss has impacted your bankroll, the best strategy is to move your stakes down. Wait for the fund to regain normalcy so that you could play high stake again.

You are a master of your craft. The best is to keep proper track of your online poker sessions and play accordingly. It is all about analysis, you have to count winning ratio and play your best game. Financial discipline is the key to success in online poker. Stay focused, pay attention and play smart. Game is yours! visit

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