How to Win Consistently at Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

Ever been playing poker, either online or live, and you are on the button with pocket aces and somone raises you all-in with big slick? Not a whole lot in the poker world can top that feeling of being up 92% to double up by simply saying “I call”. Unfortunately, you can’t just sit around and wait until pocket rockets shine their beautiful faces up at you to be in a pot. You can, however, play the absolute extreme of tight-aggressive, and consistently bust people at sit-n-go tournaments. Visualize this situation: you buy in at a nine-player sit-n-go tournament for between 1 and 5 dollars. The third hand dealt, you get pocket kings. You severely overbet all-in for 1650 above the 30 chip big blind. Thinking you are (a) trying to steal the blinds, or (b) pushing it in with Ace-lowcard like lots of new online players never fail to do, they call with K-Q offsuit and you dominate them until the river and double up. The truth of the matter is that you can play like that, pretty much the most extreme form of tight-aggressive you can imagine.
The strategy is both simple, and effective as you play hands the same way every time. There are three types of hands in this system: hands to fold, hands to limp with and hands to go all-in pre-flop with. Hands to push your stack before the flop no matter what with are: A-A, K-K, A-K. Cards with which you should limp, or call a mini-bet with if you have the chips to do so with are: any two face cards (10-A, suited or non), any pocket pair Q-Q or lower, A-X suited, and suited connectors above 4-5 suited (since 4-5 are the lowest two cards with the maximum number of straight possibilities). Check/fold after the flop with these hands unless you hit your flush/straight/three of a kind/other monster hand, daftar idn poker online in which case you immediately move all-in. All other hands are to be folded before the flop. That is, until you are guarenteed to finish in the money. Now, I know what some of you are thinking: there is no way that these hands come up frequently enough. The truth is, that loose poker professionals suggest playing roughly one out of every five hands. And that’s playing loose. The probability of being dealt any pocket pair is 5.9%. Put that statistic together with flopping three of a kind with your pocket pair 11.8% of the time, you can bust a lot of people with limping your pocket pairs and going all in when you spike three 2’s on the flop alone.

The reason you play your hands so aggressively is you are avoiding as many bad beats as possible. Say you are dealt A-A and move all-in. Would your opponents be more likely to call with A-K or 6-7 (which is more likely to bust you)? The fact of the matter is that you will consistently be called with lower kickers, lower pocket pairs, and lower flushes. The other side of the coin is that you will make whole tables fold all the time. Believe me though, it is much better to steal 4 sets of blinds with your pocket aces than to get called with 6-4 offsuit and have the guy catch both his cards.

This brings me to the strategy’s only pitfall: bad beats. Using this strategy, you will never get outplayed. You will never make a bad call, and you will never have to make a tough decision whether or not to fold. The only thing that will beat you is bad beats where you are 70, 80, 90, even 98% to win a pot. Bad beats cannot be avoided, and the only thing you can do is gague your buy-ins expecting to lose it with A-A against 6-4 offsuit. You will place in the money much more frequently than you get outplayed. You will not win every time and you most certainly are not immune to suck outs and bad beats. You can, however, play so ridiculously aggressive as to get those A-A busting low cards to fold and convince your buddy with AQ to call and see that he is dead to two queens.

This strategy can be used on many tables at once, and requires almost no thought to it. Once you get the hang of it, you can almost do it in your sleep. Start your bankroll with about 10-20 times the lowest nine-person tournament buy-in and watch the money come rolling in.

Other than bad beats and suck outs, impatience can cripple this strategy. All you have to do is wait for optimal hands and optimal flops, and you will rarely lose. Once you are guarenteed to place in the money, you can turn a complete 180 as far as your strategy goes. Play your game how you would like to play it at that point, and your opponents will be completely confused as to why you have so many monster hands since thats all you have been playing for 30+ hands.

That’s it, it’s that simple! Now go, and flourish your bankrolls!

Many thanks to for the probabilities found in this article.

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