Fasting is normally carried

Psychologically, fasting induces a certain borderline state making the mind susceptible to data fed into it in the form of affirmations, mantras, and prayers, and thus strengthening subconscious response to the information given. Fasting likewise orients the mind to the spirit within making it conducive for inner attunements and communications to take place with the Cosmic Mind and the various intelligences composing It. The increased vibrations of the body, cleansed of all toxic matter through fasting makes it possible for the attraction of certain types of spirit beings that normally would not come into close proximity to us because of the noxious affluvia that we emanate. Indonesian shamanism urges one to fast on one’s natal day (according to the Javanese calender) to accumulate extra power and to strengthen the relationship with one’s guardian angel and what they call the “four spirit brothers.”

There is no denying that fasting aids the etheric body to accumulate cosmic power, especially when done in conjunction with the appropriate Jejum de daniel 21 dias metaphysical exercises. Without physical nourishment, the body is forced to acquire the energy it needs through some other channels. When adopted as a regular practice, fasting unfolds psychic sensitivity.

As a spiritual discipline, fasting teaches one to refrain from greed in all of its hideous forms. It is a practical reminder of the injunction of the Master Jesus: “to be in this world, but not of it.” Fasting, when accompanied with contemplation and spiritual reflection, causes beneficial changes in one’s psyche. By fasting from the things of this world one would find oneself being nourished by the Divine Spirit, as Nature hates a vacuum. One would become a “god-eater” where physical nourishment becomes superfluous. This is, of course, quite an advance stage.

Generally speaking, during the period of fasting/austerities one should refrain from generating negative thoughts, feelings, and actions and should be busily engaged in spiritual works. It is a time of introspection and the reaching out (in) for the divinity within us. One’s thoughts ought to be kept at a lofty level. If the fasting is related to a magickal ritual, the meditation or mantras of the work ought to be conducted or recited during the fast. The intention of the abstention of food and drink must be affirmed and impressed upon the subconscious mind ere the commencement of the ritual itself.

In Javanese mysticism, fasting is normally carried out during certain months of the Javanese calender, such as the month of Sura, as these months are considered conducive to spiritual activities. Fasting periods are between 1–40-days. Auspicious days to commence one’s fasting from the Kejawenese point of view are Kliwon-Tuesday, Legi-Wednesday, and Pahing-Thursday. Fasts/austerities ought to be preceded by a holy wash/ritual cleansing, as this puts one into the proper frame of mind–aside from its other metaphysical benefits.

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