Christmas Party Ideas in Los Angeles California


In a city like Los Angeles, the chances are limitless on activities to take part in. The weekend leading into Christmas is no exception. We have gathered a list of every event you can take part in before the holiday, and some that lead into the fresh year.

Pershing Square Ice Rink

Pershing square ice rink is a preferred for Southland skaters who love to show off their expertise in front of moderate to big crowds enthusiastically taking in all of the sliding on this particular frozen ground. The short-term venue stays busy in downtown Los Angeles until 15 January 2018, so get your blades ready for quick and furious 1-hour sessions at this famous rink that does not disappoint even the most uncoordinated ice king or ice queen.

Christmas Tree Lane

Christmas tree lane is one of Southern California most amazing areas during the holidays. The mile-long drive in Altadena specs some of the top holiday lights anywhere. This place is known to rent a Santa Claus to sit and take pictures with all the kids.

Venice Canals Holiday Lights

The yearly Venice canals holiday lights trip takes participants along the storied highways that make up Abbot Kinneys huge vision from the turn of the century. The trip delves deeper than merely showing off the charming canals strung with seasonal lights. It is wonderful location to experience Christmas lights that line the brides.

The Rink in Downtown Burbank

The open-air ice-skating rink will spec not just skating, but fundraising events and unique performances too. Transforming the corner of 3rd North Street and East Orange Grove Avenue into a winter wonderland, skaters of all ages are greeting and will get to take part and enjoy the $10 unlimited skating. Take part in curling, as well as skating advises, too.

Gingerbread houses

There are different locations to view amazing life-sized gingerbread houses around L.A. The Beverly Wilshire specs a 8 x 12 foot gingerbread home in the lobby made from wood but covered in gingerbread. The JW Marriot L.A also specs a best gingerbread home to view. Step within this life-sized one where they have a cocktail and bar tasting daily from 4 to 5 pm. Anaheims Great Wolf Lodge created a big gingerbread home as well. Weighting at over six-hundred pounds, it has fifty pounds of icing and 135 pounds of candy.

Light of Display

Lights of Display specs elaborate Christmas themed animatronic character, as well as amazing light show with holiday music. The show, which has been put on for years, is put on by Sherman Oaks resident Mike Ziekowski. The shows runs continually from 6pm to 10pm Monday-Friday and five pm to ten pm on weekends.



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